Speedy Meatballs | Jamie Oliver | 15 Minute Meals

These quick, Swedish style meatballs are so scrumptious therefore various from what you 'd find in other places in Europe. 's serving them up with a sweet, jammy, vodka sauce and a mouthwatering mix of rice and celeriac. They're light, fluffy, and so simple to make. Consider this 's homage to the Swedes.

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Speedy Meatballs | Jamie | 15 Minute Meals

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    1. Yes, swede here and never had it with rice nor dill, but the recipe sounds pretty good so I might try this out in a vegetarian version 😁

  1. Instant like +1. I love meatballs wheather if they are from Sweden or not. I make my own, according to my late grandma’s recepy.

  2. You need: egg, cream, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper with minced meat(minced ham for the orthodox). No dill in your meatballs. Potatoes and a nice gravy with jam/jelly which is based with sherry.

  3. ohhhhhhh man. I love Jamie I really do but authenticity isn’t his strong point. Wish me luck guys…………………Jamie……..prove all the naysayers wrong. Can you actually cook authentic Swedish food?

  4. When he started doing the not-Swedish accent, I really hoped he would switch onto The Swedish Chef impersonation.

  5. Well can everyone on here that day these aren’t Swedish meatballs to put there version on then! It’s not the only Swedish meatballs he’s ever made just one he likes I’m sure

    1. @Tzysan so if he wrote Jamie’s version of Swedish meatballs you’d be okay with that

    2. @Cosmic Girl that still wouldn’t work,since there is very little here resembling the consensus of the recipe. Calling it swedish meatballs is just disingenuous. If anything he’s made a fairly unique recipe, probably more appropriate to give it a new unique name. Also literally the first thing he says is “this is a classic recipe from Sweden” So claiming he never called it classic is just not accurate.

    3. @GeneralToxicus fair thanks for your opinion, well let’s hope he does a proper swedish recipe represent y’all much better 😄 blessings to you

    4. @Cosmic Girl  actually yes. Because people around the world who dont know swedish meatballs and see this first would actually believe its dill in swedish meatballs. Im not mad that he made a new recipe because we have millions of recipe of Classic meatballs. but you have to clarify that this is his own recipe.

  6. Your credibility took just took a huge hit! So, are your Carbonara and Bolognaise fake italian too?!

    1. After this video, you might as well question all the dishes he has made, especially the ones he says all the time are “authentic” Italian food.

  7. These are probably delicious but you can’t call them that…these are not classic Swedish meatballs

  8. I’m Swedish and I love you Jamie but you butchered this tribute to this traditional dish. You make them with just salt and pepper and I’ve never ever seen anyone ever cook them in alcohol. Then it’s served with cooked potatoes, brown sauce (like gravy) and lingonberries + sometimes pickles 🥒.

  9. As a Swedish chef I can only laugh. Im all for innovative chefs. This could actually be eatable if he skipped the cream sauce.
    But if you gonna be innovative dont title it “Swedish meatballs” and called it classic recipe. What if I made a fish n chips recipe but instead of chips I used spaghetti and added pineapple and mango because I felt like it. What a classic!

    1. Precisely! I’m actually surprised your comment slipped through the mods. It seems this channel is deleting uncomplimentary comments.

    2. Tbh, i have NEVER seen “swedish meatballs” like this….37 years old “food loving” Swede

    3. @MrBrax his innovation is different than classic meatballs. Dill and creamsauce with cranberry jam doesnt match. Yoghurt with his dillballs might work with the rice Selleri

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