Shahi Tukray Lasagna Ramzan Special Recipe by Kitchen With Amna

Today I am making Recipes at Home For Ramadan Iftar Time. New 2022 by Area With Amna. for Iftar. # 2022RamadanRecipes #KitchenWithAmna #ShahiTukrayLasagna
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Ramzan Special Recipe by

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  1. Walikum asalaam
    Masha Allah 🌺 Looks so tasty
    Big____________❤️_____________like👍love your recipes 😘😘🥰

  2. I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on YouTube 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos  ❤  ..

  3. یا اللّه مجھے سپورٹ کرنے والوں کی زندگی میں ڈھیروں خوشیاں نصیب فرمائے انہیں ہمیشہ خوش رکھنا اور مدینہ کی ذیارت نصیب فرمانا اور ان کے ماں باپ کی لمبی زندگی عطا فرما آمین❤❤❤

  4. Wow i’m impressed by this beautiful recipe😍Looks so yummy😍😍 Interesting cooking style with best preparations❤️Excellent presentation and awesome vedio👍

  5. Shahi tukray are looking so delicious and mouthwatering. Presentation is also fantastic. Stay blessed always. 🥰😋👌

  6. Zabardast delicious shahi tukare. Unique recipe. Aamna dear love u n ur cooking .

  7. MasaAllah looks too yummy delicious perfectly done super amazing presentation

  8. Looks delicious 👌🏻 Greetings from Scotland 😊 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻

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