Recipes To Show Off Your Skills | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 2 that are perfect to show off your skills!

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To Show Off Your Skills | Part One |

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  1. That’s a nice recipe, I have a fajita one that would blow your mind and it’s cheap I think that’s what everyone is looking for right now. As always, Gordon, you are the Master Chef.

  2. love you gordon i would love to meet you one day and cook with you or you teach me bless you and your family <3

  3. With my skills, if I attempt this it will be: “Recipes to Bring In Your Fire Department”

  4. What do you do when you’re not the only one who wants what you want? You have to out-work them. You have to get up earlier, you have to stay up later. You have to put in more time than anyone else is willing to. You can have whatever you want, but the bigger the dream, the harder the grind.

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