Recipes To Cook With Your Family | Part Two | Gordon Ramsay

Even more to prepare with your household!

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To Cook With Your Family | Part Two |

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  1. Thank God for your Mom’s passion in cooking, YOU got it, Chef! God bless!

  2. I love how Gordons mom doesn’t let him get away with anything, now everything is starting to make sense 😄

    1. Mom’s are still obnoxious towards their grown sons….lol….who can cook better than they can!

  3. Cooking together is fun family time. Kitchen time can be a special parenting time. Cooking together creates closer bonds and helps build lifelong memories. You can also use the time to listen, share and talk with your sons. Happy hungry! Cheerse, Domenico.

  4. Yemək hazırlanmasını izləmək xoş gəlir.Bu səbəblə İngilis dilinidə öyrənməyə çalışıram 👍😊

  5. It always struck me how much Tilly took after his mum and it was great to see them side by side.

  6. Glad to see you make one with your mama. That will be worth it’s wait in gold one day. Enjoyed this one

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