ONE Pan Giant Yorkshire Pudding | Jamie Oliver | #short

Attempt this massive Yorkshire pudding as a show stopper to wow your visitors with some curveball flavours. Dish from 's brand-new book

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Pan Giant Yorkshire Pudding | | #short

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  1. 🎄I do love a yorkshire pudding. I cook/bake yorkshire all year. This combination sounds fantastic!🙋‍♀️❄🎅

  2. Can’t wait to try this! oh wait, there’s no recipe, not even in the description

    What was the point of this video? Just an advert?

    1. He wants us to purchase his book…
      I would try using the same ingredients as you would when making 12 Yorkshires then pour into a bigger pan…

    2. From a Yorkshire person, 1 cup of flour
      1 cup of eggs
      1 cup of milk
      Sprinkle s&p

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