Monday Meal Prep Recipes | Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

Here is a double full episode of 's Ultimate Course, filled to the brim with simple dishes you can prep ahead and eat all week long!

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Monday Meal Prep | Gordon 's Ultimate Course

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  1. Gordon Ramsay needs a special guest appearance from the legendary Raj!

  2. Dear Gordon, the best chef in the world, thank you for teaching us great recipes.👌🤌🤩😋😋

  3. Дай боже мне в будущем мужа, который будет готовить как Гордон Рамзи. Аминь

  4. *Dang that looks good!
    *Chunks of bacon? Yum!
    *Those sweet corn fritters look fabulous!
    *OMG YOU’RE TORTURING ME GORDON. Those fish cakes are amazing.
    *Gordon, I’m begging you to cook something for me! I’ve never tasted scallops and yours look so fabulous! HELP ME OUT!

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