Matty Makes Schnitzel The Size Of Your Face! | It’s Suppertime!

For a schnitzel that's the schiznit, watch Matty as he preps , with a sumptous spatzle and braised red cabbage.
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Matty Makes Schnitzel The Size Of Your Face! | It's Suppertime!

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I think I’d rather watch my grandparents having sex, than watch someone trying to teach Matty the proper way to pronounce spatzle

  2. Oh my goodness look at you, i haven’t seen your videos in a long time♥️

  3. @10:55 Matty speaks the truth here. Once we added the onions, and I realized we are not draining all that bacon fat out. I had a very retrospective moment at that point.

  4. Gotta fry pork schnitzel in clarified butter and veal in a mix of lard and butter, no canola oil!

  5. Yassss I’m love the German food. I grew up on this! My mom is from Germany! Such a beautiful culture! 🤍

  6. Seriously how old is this content? Matty hasn’t been with Munchies for years.

  7. “You ever see that movie… with the orphans.” Lmao, yeah, that one! Haha

  8. This guy never lets me down….Having a bad day so I watch this and somehow my day changes for the better, lol….Thanks Matty

  9. My German mom has a “potato ricer” looking press thing to make her noodles

  10. probably not the first to note this, but this had some serious “Silence of the Lambs” vibes

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