Jelly Bean Taste Test | Inside Eats with Rhett & Link | Food Network

Rhett and Link put their taste at danger in a mystery trial run!
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Long-lasting good friends Rhett and Link have actually generated billions of views tasting, ranking and ranking favorite foods on their hugely popular everyday internet show. Now these specialist eaters are going behind closed doors into the secret test cooking areas, research and development centers and storefronts of some of America's greatest food makers, fulfilling individuals who produce everything Americans love to .

Welcome to Food Network, where discovering to prepare is as simple as clicking play! Grab your apron and prepare to get cookin' with a few of the best chefs all over the world. We'll offer you a behind-the-scenes take a look at our finest shows, take you inside our favorite restaurant and be your resource in the kitchen area to make sure every meal is a 10/10!

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  1. Switching from the annoying music track to an annoying drum track isn’t the answer…

  2. Love GMM but I can’t understand the reason for this. Don’t have cable, so I don’t know the whole premise.

  3. The background noise is terrible. How many people have to say it on how many videos before you listen to us?

  4. I think the Food Network editor should watch more GMM and take some notes on their editing. This even felt like watching a watered down GMM episode

  5. Where can I watch full episodes of Inside Eats? I don’t have cable or Discovery Plus

    1. They might have it on Hulu. But it might be for only people with a premium account . They try to get more money out of us ,every way they can.

  6. The voice volume is so low at times I struggled to hear Rhett. Music in background sucks..fix audio.

  7. Why the hell is there that horrible back ground music in this segment? It’s really distracting to what they are saying.

  8. STINK BUG?? [*cries*] Holy MOLY, that’s creative. And just WRONG! 😭 LMAO that Rhett keeps eating the bad ones. 😂 Ohhhh and I agree, the buttered popcorn is the best one. It’s my all-time favorite!
    Whatever you do, DON’T try the super spicy Bean Boozled ones. I mean, not unless you’re a sucker for some pain, man. I can eat spicy stuff all the livelong day but those ones hurt my stomach, they’re so hot! The jalapeño one is lit, tho, and the Sriracha one is so spot on. They’re both hotter than the actual thing they’re representing, too. 🌶🔥

  9. Everything else about this video I love, but maybe use the music in the beginning and the end, not during? Rhett and Link are way too funny to have their voices disappear under a soundtrack.

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