How to Store Avocados to Keep Them From Browning #shorts

The viral avocado hack isn't safe after all, so go for among these storage options rather. Each of these kitchen pointers will keep and prevent browning.

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How to Store to Keep Them From Browning #.

How to Store Avocados to Keep Them From Browning #shorts

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  1. If you’re storing a half an avocado. Store the half that still has the seed in it after you’ve cut it in half. It’ll stay good for days.

  2. And never use a metal knife to cut them openโ€ฆif you are going to store

  3. In my country, once you open an avocado you should cover it with lemon juice and leave in the stone. Place it in an airtight container and put it in the fridge. You can store avocado slices in an airtight container but don’t forget the lemon juice or lime juice.

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