Guy Fieri and G. Garvin Eat Pastrami at a Jewish Deli | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

Inspired by a traditional New york city , The General Muir in , , puts a contemporary spin on traditional favorites!
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Person Fieri takes a cross-country road trip to check out some of America's traditional "oily spoon" dining establishments– restaurants, drive-ins and – that have actually been doing it right for decades. Capture a brand-new episode of #DDD every Friday at 9|8c!

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Person Fieri and G. Garvin Eat Pastrami at a |Diners, Drive-Ins and |Food Network

Guy Fieri and G. Garvin Eat Pastrami at a Jewish Deli | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

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  1. Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  2. This is the boat that my grandparents came on😢. Now if I will ship and order to me on Long Island I will be so happy 😁

  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen watching this video 💯☮️Ⓜ️🆒🤟💯

  4. Chef, outstanding recipe, never had pastrami hash in lieu of corn beef hash, a must make, can’t believe Guy doesn’t like eggs over easy or sunny side up, it is where the flavor is , but I think he eats scrambled eggs

    1. I believe he had an experience seeing an egg with feathers and it grossed him out. I agree though, that yolk is delicious, especially when you use potatoes or toast to mop it up.

  5. The food looks so delicious 😋🤤😋🌟🌟🌟👍😋🤩. Thank you food channel for sharing this video. God 🙏 bless 🙏 you.

  6. I felt I had to cook a flat of corned beef because the “sell by” date was expiring. I roasted in beer at 300 degrees, 1 hour per pound for 5 hours. Let it cool then put it in the fridge. A few days later I sliced it up about a 1/4″ thick and pan fried it! It was amazingly delicious!!!! I can only describe it as “kosher bacon”!
    I would gladly eat that instead of pork bacon! It was that good!

  7. The sound enginner should make that last bit louder. I couldn’t quite hear it.

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  9. Looks good 👍 but I can’t stand Georgia. Let alone Atlanta. No thanks!

  10. Somebody please contact Guy and let him know I have been watching him for many many years. I’m not sure if ever heard or seen an episode with Guy in Augusta GA. So Guy ,you are welcome to come and taste delicious Vegan food at Humanitree. Let them prepare for you the best vegan meal you’ve ever had. I know you are very busy…please let me know if you’re available. Thank you.

  11. This may be a jewish inspired or Jewish style deli, but it is not a Jewish Deli. Once you mix meat an cheese, or add in any non-kosher products it becomes a Jewish inspired deli, but not a Jewish deli anymore. The origins on the Jewish Deli comes from Kosher Cuisine, as far as I am concerned, once you go non-kosher it’s just a Jewish style or Jewish inspired Deli (or a New York Deli)

  12. This was awesome. Glad he’s still doing the show. Driver’s diner’s and dives will always be 1 of my favs ❤️

  13. Moving here to the south [North Carolina] from New Jersey I found that indeed the south has some great food and the bbq is great. However there is something missing and that is north food. Bagels from NY, Deli Style subs, NY/NJ Pizza and Chinese Food, and half the people here don’t have a clue what Pork Roll is WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? No authentic bakery’s with good old fashioned Italian pastries and cookies. I never knew how the world could be so different.

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