Guliyo | गुलियो | Rice Marbles | Mangalorean Recipe | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

A lightly sweet and crunchy Mangalorean and Goan fried outright must-have special made for Christmas … Sugary food, edible marbles you can say.

Active ingredients

1 cup brief grain rice, cleaned, soaked for 3-4 hours, and drained
1 cup matta rice, washed, soaked for 6-8 hours, and drained
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder
3/4 cup sliced jaggery
2 cups coconut milk
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Coffee or tea to serve


1. Put the soaked rice in a mill jar. Add soaked matta rice, green cardamom powder, jaggery, and coconut milk and grind to a great paste.
2. Heat a non-stick pan. Add the ground paste, till the mix thickens and begins to leave the sides of the pan while stirring constantly.
3. Transfer the mix into a big plate and enable to cool somewhat. Include salt and knead till soft and smooth.
4. Take small portions of the mixture and shape each part into a ball.
5. Heat adequate oil in a kadai. Gently slide in the balls at a time and deep fry till golden brown and crisp. Drain on an absorbent paper. Permit to cool somewhat.
6. Serve.

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  1. जो जो आंखें ये कमेंट पढ़ रही हैं भगवान उनके माता-पिता को सदा खुश रखे❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    जब सब शो रहे थे तभी हम जाग रहे थे किसी के यादों में नहीं अपने जिम्मेदारीयों मे जाग रहे थे और इतना आसान नहीं था मंजिल मेरा कि कुछ रात जागने मिल जाता कभी आखं लगती भी थी तो मेरे हौसले भाग रहे थे love you youtuber.,,,

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