Gordon’s Best Moments In India | Part Two | Gordon’s Great Escape

Even more minutes of 's best moments in India!

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Gordon's Best Moments In India | Part Two | Gordon's Great Escape

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  1. Gordon ramsay chief good cooking chicken 🐔 😋🍗🇺🇲🦅🇰🇷🐯🐅🇬🇧🦁

  2. Love the curiosity and openness to go and learn cuisines from various parts of a diverse country like India!

  3. I went last month Bastar it’s natural and amazing place, from Durg Chhattisgarh India🇮🇳

  4. Gordon’s Mind voice: I don’t have any new videos but I need a million views in few days… Right let me f**king upload any old video for Indian viewers … Bloody hell 😂😂😂

  5. Hey Girton Oramsay your passion to learn about foods is amazeballs 🌅

  6. Gordon Ramsay must be the only person who can swear at you and still be polite at the same time and make you laugh 😂🤣

  7. Even though GOrdon is one of the best chefs in the world he is always trying to try out new cuisines and expand his horizon…I mean how many chefs in the world would go to remote villages and try out a dish made of insects…Gordon is truly devoted to his passion…

    1. I think all of chefs would go if they get paid as much as Gordon for the show 😀

  8. Gordon is incredibly humble and respectful of other people and cultures. Rare among celebrities nowadays; good on him

  9. such an humble guy and love seeing him in india, one of his best travelogues ! hope he does more visits worldwide or blogs

  10. Chef you are a hoot. You digging the hole for the goat reminded me of Hell’s Kitchen series. Much love

  11. Hello, Gordon Ramsay, kindly come to Kenya and try out different foods from different tribes in my country. It would be fun to see a video from my own country.

  12. I love how you go anywhere to experience and learn from other cultures foods👍🏼 such a humble person

  13. Gordon Ramsey is a true chief and love is art , looks delicious 😋 goat . Hats off to you chief eating ant that look like the fire ants.

  14. Came for a second,stayed till the end.Gordon is a legend 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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