Gordon Ramsay’s Soup Recipes | Part Two

Much more great soup dishes! This time you can attempt a smoky sweetcorn and potato soup & meatballs in an aromatic broth!

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's Soup | Part Two

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  1. Your amazing chef of all time thanks for sharing your recipes and actual show your methods

  2. We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💖

    1. We can definitely all agree this comment gets posted on every one of his videos for likes…

    2. No, because if you have seen the same thing a billion times and you have liked it , it won’t disappoint you when you see it for a billion first…

    3. We can all agree that is the most white bread vague comment ever..that has nothing to do with the content.

  3. Love these vids sweat easy n yummy me so hungry nom nom nice one Ramsay 👍👌

  4. Chef Ramsey id love to meet with u in person and talk with u a bit. You’ve really inspired me with my cooking. I love to cook. I’m planning to open my own restaurant someday. I would love to talk to you so you can give me some pointers on it. Please hope you reply back. Would love to hear from you Chef Ramsey

    1. What would the name of the restaurant be im sure the food would be delicious

    2. Wouldn’t Twitter be a better place to try and message him? Pretty sure he has very little to do with the running of this channel

  5. I NEED the bowls at 4:17…they’re perfect.
    Anyone recognize them and can help point me in the right direction to find them?

  6. I tried this one many years ago but it wasn’t very much to my liking. All of the ingredients I love in many other recipes, but together, to me they clashed. Especially lime zest on beef. Using chicken instead for the meatballs might have been better. One instruction I didn’t follow well was that I made the meatballs a little too small, golf-ball sized, but I don’t think that had any impact on the flavor.

    1. @Joseph Smith Gordon is a master (14⭐s?) and I certainly don’t know better than him. I’m just a humble home cook, but taste is subjective my friend and he’s human, not God. Honesty and TRUE open-mindedness is in deficit right now. We need more people unafraid of being misunderstood for having their own opinions. I was surprised I didn’t like the flavor combinations. I owe nearly all of my steak cooking technique to him. The family always asks me to cook them at gatherings.

    2. @Refiner Similitude Totally feel you on loving all the ingredients but not liking them together. God forbid not everyone gets a hard on for every single thing Gordon prepares.

    3. @Didi Cortez Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to be understood. Positivity is great, but more and more it seems like every popular channel has a cult-like following posting comments hoping the content creator will read their sugary-sweet praise. It’s sad. In this case, I’m sure the videos are edited and posted by his team and Gordon may never have time to read any comments.

  7. Wow chef Ramsey’s cooking and chopping skills impressed me. 😊

  8. Chef Ramsay, what is the difference between a porridge and a soup? Also, the cheese biscuits you made are a Southern staple. Typically when we make them we layer the dough 5 to 10 times to make the biscuits extra flaky and helps them to rise. I love soup so I am glad you are sharing these master classes. Thank you so much.

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