DIY Taco Seasoning #Shorts

Enliven taco night simply the method you like it.

# #Taco #EasyRecipes #diy #KitchenHacks #diyHacks.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Correct Thumbnail says this is a taco recipe. Did you accidently upload the previously posted cajun chicken spice video.

    1. If you’re that easily confused, delete your account. It was a typo 🙄

    2. I was confused too, Darlene. But thanks to the fan’s “kind” and “considerate” reply to your comment I guess that’s cleared up. However I don’t believe you are the one who should delete her account. 😉

    3. Darlene, Allrecipes fan had said that you should delete your account if you were that easily confused. I was confused also and suggested that Allrecipes fan was the one who should delete her account rather than you. I thought her comment was unkind. My mention of “kind” and “considerate” in quotation marks was my attempt at sarcasm about Allrecipes fan’s comment to you. I in no way thought her comment was actually kind or considerate. I thought it was rude to you. 🙂

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