Deseeding Chilies #Shorts

show to deseed chillies.

#GordonRamsay #

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Deseeding Chilies #Shorts

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    1. I like the heat but there are defintely times where the flavour of the pepper without all the heat is nice too.

    2. @random internet guy then just buy a normal pepper? The whole point of chilli is the heat 🤠

    3. @rvre gods while that’s true, there is a difference between hot and sweet peppers. Regular green peppers do not taste the same as say a jalapeño. That’s not including the heat.

    4. @Sexist Spaghettios yeah, but Gordon in this video uses a regular-as chilly that without seeds tastes just like a normal pepper

    5. @rvre gods oh, yeah no doubt. Just making the observation that regular peppers and hot peppers have different tastes even if you subtract the heat. 👌

  1. No idea why i read the title “descending chillies” im an idiot sandwitch

  2. Seeds arent whats hot its the capsaicin oils from the membrane thats ontop of the seeds.

  3. I tried this with a trinidad scorpion pepper and when I cut into it the pepper went thermonuclear and blew up my whole neighborhood.

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