Chickpea, cumin & spinach koftas with tahini dressing

A delightfully simple snack to make that's not too tough and is packed full of flavour.

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Chickpea, cumin & spinach koftas with tahini dressing

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    1. ​@| Yuko | Look bro u shouldn’t say “U don’t know thatttt” U should tell him/her what actually it is.

    2. It is basically gravy made from the lamb juices.Typically red wine to deglaze the pan and some beef or chicken stock added in.

  1. I have a request for you to try
    Ingredients are bread, honey, peanut butter, and banana
    1. Toast your bread
    2. Put on peanut butter
    3. Slice banana into thin slices
    4. Put on the banana
    5. Put on the honey
    It’s a really tasty quick snack

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