Bobby Flay’s Smoked Brisket on Texas Toast | Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction | Food Network

Bobby cooks his brisket low and sluggish till the meat is juicy and oh-so-tender!
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Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction is a high-impact cooking series that takes outside barbecuing to a whole brand-new level! Quintessential grill master Bobby Flay pulls out all the stops and delivers a one-two cooking punch, showcasing his professional barbecuing strategies in unexpected brand-new ways.

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Bobby Flay's Smoked Brisket on |Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction|Food Network

Bobby Flay's Smoked Brisket on | Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction | Food Network

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  1. So many better people to watch for bbq tips. The arrogance it takes to even make this content is really something special.

  2. Did I really just watch Bobby Flay try to fake a brisket? There is no way he cooked that piece of meat for 8 hours on a big green egg and got absolutely 0 smoke ring lol. The brisket he is slicing at the end was not cooked on a smoker. Thats an oven brisket.

  3. Not just a cook, Bobby is a magician too. He managed to smoke a brisket and make the smoke ring disappear.

  4. 1. Don’t “rub” in the spices, pat it in. 2. Trim the fat on brisket 3. There is no science or evidence that soaking woodchips does anything significant 4. Foil wrapping creates steam and can take the bark off 5. No smoke ring I wonder why(cause there was no smoke! 6. There are so many other bbq YouTubers out there that yall can be watching as opposed to this.

    1. @Jovauhn Garcia Congratulation you won 👆

    2. @Jovauhn Garcia all things barbecue, how to bbq right, pitmaster x, cooking with Roy, ballistic bbq

    3. @Zach S cooking with Ry and T-roy Cooks lol . I think you combined two YouTube channels there 😜

  5. Ok, my question is how the hell do you smoke it for that long and there is not even an ounce of smoke ring? I never cooked a brisket, but even I will have some semblance of a smoke ring the first time I cook it.

  6. What am I seeing here? Do you even smoke, bro? I don’t even have to taste that brisket to know it’s garbage. No smoke ring? NO SMOKE RING?!?! Stay in your lane, Bobby.

  7. Bobby has forgotten more about gourmet cooking then I know, but he has not done his homework when it comes to smoking meat.

    Never.. again NEVER soak your chips (he shouldn’t even be using chips on either of those smokers, he should be using chunks) and there is science we all learned in elementary school that demonstres this. Put a paper cup on a burner filled with water. You’ll boil the water out before the cup catches fire. Same is true for the wood chips, those chips are going to do exactly jack nothing until you’ve boiled every once of water out. Water boils at 212, wood combusts at 500 to 600 degrees. All you done is cooled your coals, and added a period of time where you’re not producing any smoke, or poor quality white smoke filled with creosote that has an acrid smell and a bitter taste. Notice, not even a hint of smoke ring on that brisket.

    A brisket needs some fat trimmed from it, you’ll never render all the fat cap on your standard store bought brisket. A 1/4″ give or take is plenty.

    On that ceramic smoker Bobby is using, fat cap should be down. Fat always goes between the heat and the meat. It is a myth that letting the fat melt down across the meat will keep it juicer. Science again – when you cook meat you’re pushing out water, fat/oil floats on water, none of the fat is penetrating the meat, it’s just floating off the top. The second reason is just as elementary, fat cells are bigger than the spaces in the muscle fibers, they simply don’t fit.

    Lastly, and not really a big deal, you don’t need to rub, your rub in. Just sprinkle it on the way you like it and pat it down. I find rubbing it in makes it lose its uniformity and it kind of bunches up..

    1. Good call, elementary dear Watson, great catch. Very scientific. Now if you can teach the word (Sauté, which in French means to jump; tossing the food in the air, low fat, and liquid style cooking??? Good luck) sauté = jumped up; in French translation – look it up🥴

  8. I’ve enjoyed some of Bobby Flay’s content before, but this video is an absolute miss. Nearly every step he gave was wrong. There are a lot of good resources out there for how to make good bbq on Youtube. If you watched this, and want to try brisket for the first time, please watch Malcolm Reed, or Aaron Franklin. Let Flay stick to fancy restaurant food, and tv shows. BBQ is best left to the people who live for it.

  9. I love how everyone is having at him. No smoke ring. Which is true. And the meat is too well done in my opinion. Wow

    1. There’s no such thing as a smoked brisket that’s “too well done.” Rather than cook it to doneness temps, brisket it cooked to feel, hours after “well done” would have been achieved. Anywhere from 200-208 degrees. Beef is considered well done at around 160.

    2. @Josiah Loven I never eat beef that is that brown in color. It doesn’t taste right. Might be why I like prime rib better. 🤔

  10. That’s a nice hunk of meat 😋 Nothing beats a seasoned rub. BBQ sauce is kinda boring.

  11. Did this guy really just get a store bough brisket and play it off as god’s greatest grilling?

  12. My condolences to anybody who honestly cooked their brisket using this method, Bobby wasted a beautiful cut of meat. There are so many things wrong with this brisket cook, if anybody is here to learn how to properly cook a brisket go elsewhere (Franklin’s BBQ, Chuds BBQ, Mad Scientist BBQ, etc)

  13. Wow I would make this it looks absoutley yummy also Bobby looks great too well he is my Fave chef so there

  14. God I hope no one takes this video too seriously. 🤦🏻‍♂️ If you want an great brisket with amazing bark, just do the opposite to what Bobby did.

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