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This is a brilliant batch dish from Jamies brand-new book One – which is everything about making everything occur in one pan. The fantastic aspect of this is its taking bolognese, and upping the veg and you can use it in so many ways!

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50/50 Bolognese | | AD

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  1. सोनिया सनातन हिन्दू शेरनी says:

    Jamie I would like to see you cook some authentic Indian food next. As a fan of your cooking,it’s a request all tye way from USA.

  2. My favourite chef..I adore you so much !Down to earth..a beautiful soul.❤❤❤

  3. Tesco beef and mince is expensive, if somewhat convenient. I like the overall recipe, especially combining lentils – cheaper and nutritious. I would use dried lentils and just add them and cook it in. Cheaper than tins and just as convenient. This would be a great combination with squash (stuffed squash), the stuffed peppers is a good idea,

  4. Nothing like a good bowl of bolognese! Perfect Autumn recipe, thank you! 😋

  5. Αγαπω την κουζίνα σου κ ότι φτιάχνεις .Αλλα θα ήθελα τα βίντεο σου να μπορώ να τα μεταφράσω στην γλώσσα μου Ελληνικά!!!Με όλη μου την αγαπη!!!❤

  6. I think Gennaro would shout and say “but this is not an authentic Bolognese my dear friend “! !
    this si a new creation, then call it new style, Bololiver or Bolentil 😂its a good recipe indeed

  7. I love to watch you cooking……the zizzeling is gorgeous and the result tasy 😋 👍

  8. I am a FAN of your cooking. I have done so many of your recipes. This meal is delicious ♥️

  9. Can you get that “Meat & Veg” outside of the UK? Is there anything similar on the Belgian market?

  10. “Meat and veg”
    So you’re paying meat prices and getting some meat, and some veg!
    Rather buy my veg separately thanks Jamie

  11. I think I’d eat a big bowl of that with green onions, crushed taco chips and two big dollops of sour cream. Looks lovely no matter how one eats it.

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