2 Under 30 Minute Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

If you're brief on time, doesn't indicate you can't prepare scrumptious food so here are two delicious dishes that you can in under thirty minutes.

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2 Under 30 Minute | Gordon

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  1. That dessert looks delicious. I’ll have to give it a go! Thank you. I’ve learned so much and many of your recipes are used throughout the week💙

  2. “You’ll understand it when you’re my age, oh you’ve been my age” That was one of the most endearing things I’ve ever heard. Tilly for the win

  3. Trop bon merci Gordon Ramsay pour toutes ces délicieuses recettes 👍🔥

  4. Sir, thank you for all your recipes and process tips, and sharing your beautiful family with us.

  5. question: if you let these sit overnight what’s the best way to store them? (sorry newbie in the kitchen)

    1. I’d say leave them in a bowl and close them with some plastic wrap, then placed them in the fridge

  6. I always wondered if every meal was like this at the Ramsey house or do they ever break down and just have a baloney sandwich with Miracle Whip and a bag of chips?

  7. I really like all the cabbage, especially broccoli pancakes and my cauliflower rice 👍

  8. You know Gordon not only you leave your legacy with your family… but videos of beautiful memories ❤.. I love this!

  9. Big fan and subscriber Sir… I am a homemaker…. Cooking is my passion…

  10. Im your biggest fan 1st wish to meet you soon ! 🍻 cheers and god bless you chef Ramsay 😇🙏💪😘😍😍🌹

  11. One of the best foods lamb chops 👍 absolutely lovely !

  12. “How gorgeous do those berries look now?”

    “Berry gorgeous.”

    Missed opportunity 🥲

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