No mess measuring hack #shorts

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No mess measuring hack #shorts

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    1. @Le_Hecker why would need to pour it out if you’re mixing it with the flour???

    2. @Le_Hecker you’re literally mixing it with the flour why would you need to pour it out

    1. @Bunny Carrots The measurements don’t have to be perfect. It’s only relatively recently that recipes even HAD measurements. It was always just a pinch of this, a handful of that and so on. There is a LOT of leeway in what will work in a recipe. It’s okay if you wander a bit from what the recipe calls for.

  1. Do you know that you can buy measurement cups and it doesn’t involve a mess wow

  2. I have a doubt, for example you need one table spoon oil to add in the pan. And if I use this method then how will I take put the oil for the flour? Magic? Gach logic?

  3. That’s great. How do i get the spoons in my meatloaf now without the flour?

  4. but you still need the spoon for the measurement tho. without it you cant make the hole on the flour

  5. Except that you can plainly see that you don’t get the entire volume of the spoon in there

    1. it’s such a small difference and it’s offset by the exterior of the spoon being bigger than the inside

  6. Am i the only one thinking about why cant i just use the spoon?

    1. @Avivo Treat you still would have to rinse the spoon anyways since it has flour in and on the the back.

    2. And then what do you do with the flour throw it out just for the sake of what you still have to wash the spoons. If you set them in warm soapy water right away then it’s not an issue.

    3. Me! Agree! Just use the damn spoon! Knowing me I would still dump too much in the flour

    4. @Courtney Strozewski what? Throw the flour out? Please tell me you are joking?

    5. @Ishsb Jenwbs flour is infinitely easier to clean off a spoon than, let’s say, oil

  7. That is how stuff clumps , your supposed to mix your wet ingredients together and slowly add them

  8. Recipe: One cup on milk.
    Me: *shoving the one cup measuring cup in the bowl.*

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