Martha Stewart’s Buckwheat Espresso Cookies | Martha Bakes Recipes

knows baking, and these espresso are the best dish for your next , or you can simply make them to brighten up a cool, rainy day. The slightly bitter flour (a pseudo grain made from seeds) sets wonderfully with coffee and cocoa nibs to provide these a tasty, complex flavor. Make sure to make plenty; they are likely to be a hit, and don't forget, you can keep a batch of frozen dough in the freezer … ready to slice!

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00:00 Introduction
00:16 Prepping Ingredients
01:48 Adding Dry Active Ingredients to the Butter
3:00 Forming a Log
3:38 Slicing Cookies
4:10 Baking Recommendations
4:42 Outcome

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Martha Stewart's Buckwheat Espresso Cookies|Martha Bakes Recipes

Martha Stewart's Buckwheat Espresso Cookies | Martha Bakes Recipes

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