Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Braise | Martha’s Cooking School S3E5 “Braising”

In this episode, will explore braising, the method behind numerous iconic dishes. Osso Buco is an Italian specialized and an ideal example of how a less tender cut of meat can be transformed into a tasty meal. Then, she makes Ireland's favorite: homemade . And finally, shows how to make Lamb Shanks with the spices of Morocco, including apricots and olives to create an abundant aromatic sauce.

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 How To Make Osso Bucco
10:47 How To Make
17:33 How To Make Lamb Shanks
23:38 Bonus Offer Dish: Reuben Sandwich

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This Episode initially aired on PBS as 's School Season 3 Episode 5

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Braise|Martha's Cooking School S3E5 "Braising".

Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Braise | Martha's Cooking School S3E5 "Braising"

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  1. Querida Martha. Amo carne que chamamos aqui no Brasil “carne de panela” e meu netinho Joãozinho também. Obrigado pela receita maravilhosa.

  2. Good Friday afternoon to you and your amazing team. Great video post thank you for sharing.

  3. Martha Stewart knows how to do it again experience is very good to have in this field

  4. There’s a beautiful poem call Osso Buco- which has inspired me to try this dish.

  5. Her recipes are the best from Italian to Irish nd then adding morrocan spices to the shank.i tell u she is the best among women.My fav. graceful lady.

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