How to Make Martha Stewart’s Smashed Potatoes | Martha’s Cooking School | Martha Stewart

This fantastic side meal recipe from Stewart is for smashed, not mashed, potatoes. Various colored potatoes are flattened, experienced, and roasted up until crisp. For the perfect presentation, top them with sour cream and chives before serving.

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00:18 Boil Potatoes
1:19 Smash Potatoes
2:15 Baking Recommendations
3:36 How To Serve Smashed Potatoes
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How to Make 's Smashed Potatoes|Martha's Cooking School|Martha Stewart

How to Make Martha Stewart's Smashed Potatoes | Martha's Cooking School | Martha Stewart

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  1. Prepare for your smoke alarm to go off. Extra virgin olive oil will get super Smokey with this recipe, it happened to me 😭

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