Turkey, Slow-turned and Butter Basted | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Yes, Turkey, slow-turned and butter basted for the vacation, constantly beats what comes out of the cooking area oven, by sheer inflammation and moistness alone. Include that unique old-time wood oven taste that comes from the grill and it's not most likely there will be any leftovers … Make your vacation special this year -see the barbeque Pit Kids show you how easy it is to do.
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Turkey, Slow-turned and Butter Basted | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

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  1. Totally forgot my coffee, watching this! That there, Is poultry perfection.Have a great Thanksgiving, boys!

  2. in the Czech Republic, on St. Martin’s Day, we slowly roast a goose in the oven. We start in the evening and the next day at noon it is baked.

    1. @Isaiah Winbrone in the US, Thanksgiving is something like St. Martin’s Day in the Czech Republic.

    2. Here in our region of the States, Goose hunting season is underway. There’s plenty of quality meat here for the holiday table. BTW.. we’ve been to Burgerfest in Prague a couple of times.. an awesome friendly people, and a beautiful city. You treated us like brothers, an honor for us. BPB4L

    3. @BBQ Pit Boys It was our pleasure to entertain the grill masters, burgerfest is a holiday for all lovers of delicacies from the charcoal grill. We would definitely like to see you again, even a week is not enough to visit and discover Prague.

  3. The Great American Feast!
    Good to see the American crew back and cooking again!
    Happy Thanksgiving!🇺🇸

  4. It stimulates the stomach from the beginning.
    Carefully baked, the happiness of the moment you eat is transmitted.😋👍

  5. The best grill work around,”Marvelous job Men” Happy Thanksgiving.(stay safe and well,have a happy holiday,see you next time).

  6. Still putting out the quality content after all these years, but I have to admit without the commentary it’s not the same

    1. I was supposed to narrate it but was at a loss for words. Apologies. -Bobby Fame

  7. As good as it gets fellas. It’s Thanksgiving all week long as far as I’m concerned. I already started warming the grill up and it’s only Monday.

    1. Always make a week of celebrating the Turkey.. saved our lives when we first set foot on the continent.. gobble gobble

  8. There will never be a pit like the mother pit! The energy is flaming hot 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you so much for the content.

  9. Missing you guys, remember 10 years ago when started to watch your videos!

  10. This video is one of my absolute favorites on your channel. You guys are the best. Happy Holidays!

  11. Good job as always boys thanks for sharing with us have a great day with your family and friends

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