Grill your own Hotel Style BBQ Chicken

Need Freshness, and Save cash, too by preparing your own chicken for the Barbecue. And, Its simple to do as revealed here by the BBQ Pit Boys.
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Grill your own Hotel Style BBQ Chicken

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Thank you for the butcher demo! There was a lot of helpful tips in that section!🎉

    However I would have liked to see them getting cooked as they had been cut. It was also mentioned about getting crispy skin an elusive accomplishment for me when grilling chicken. I was looking forward to seeing those cuts grilled and the crispy skin.😢

    1. @BBQ Pit Boys That’s what I have said, I have yet to accomish that…I was wanting to see how it was done. You guys make great videos I have learned alot from you guys.

    2. @DEMTanks Crispy and Smoked don’t easily go together, as you know.. If only we could “Low and Slow” chicken and have it come out with crisp skin… but not happening. Best smoke first and then sear hot over direct fire briefly to get that crisp you’re looking for.. BPB4L

    3. I did see a missed opportunity once the bird was butchered,there should’ve been some stuffing nearby to put between the legs and thighs,then tied with some butchers twine,then smoked on the grill

  2. Good demonstration how to open up the bird. How long did you grill the chicken parts before you put on the BBQ sauce?

  3. That looks good but i find it easier to just butterfly the chicken.

  4. I booked a room at Holiday Inn, set up my BBQ pit in the room, butchered my chicken, but then I got kicked out when the smoke alarm went off.☹

    1. Them hotels tend to pissy about that kinda thing. 🤣 I take my grill just off property and cook then go back to my room.

    2. I actually did this with hamburgers once. Opened a window…the hotel clerk said no big deal happens all the time.

    1. So, ya like the slap, eh? BTW.. you’re no doubt on the wrong channel…

  5. Cool I’ve never seen chicken butchered like that I like it you can control the temperature of the white and dark meat better.

  6. Hotels need to step up their game to get like this cookout ( another good video)

  7. Man, that looks absolutely delicious!! I’d rather skip the hotel and go straight to the chicken. 😁😁😁😁

  8. We’ll I wonder how many hospital trips will be made for the rookies trying to hack up their chickens ? 😆 🤣

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