Simple Stir Fry Noodles Recipe That Are Awesome • Taste Show

Master Zhang shows you noodles dish that are awesome with action by step instruction.

Saucy noodles, crisp hot vegetables, tender bites of chicken, and shrimps are tossed together in this late night Chinese food yearning. You can get all the for this dish quickly and it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.

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Are you a food lover yearning Chinese food? Look no further.

Here we have the very best Chinese dishes, prepared by award-winning chefs to display authentic, standard .

Whether you would like to know how to make Chinese dishes in your home, or discover how to master cooking with a wok, we have actually got you covered.

Simple Stir Fry Noodles That Are Awesome • Taste Show

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  1. How can you argue when someone gets hungry after watching this delicacy 😍🍝

  2. I could watch you cook for hours it’s so inspiring and so perfectly made. Thank you very much for another great video!

  3. I would hire this Chef just for my own pleasure. His work is so neat, so clean. Looks so good! Thanks.

  4. Western chef: I have 20 different knives.

    Chinese chef: I have been using this knife for 20 years to cut different ingredients, from bones to tofu slices.

    1. @最好Shreshth In the article Indian writer claimed Kashmiri’s is best, however Iranian will claim theirs is best….But that’s not the point, India does not produce 75% of world spice is the point. Indian govt agencies and NCERT texts are known for making exaggerated claims. Every Indian or South Asian knows this.

    2. That knife is a chinese cleaver, it’s not the same kind of cleaver you use for bones. But it’s great for everything else!

    3. @Prajyoth Pradeep The tire company is obviously named after the place…..

  5. I’m continually impressed by Chef Zhang’s extraordinary knife skills. Great precision and finesse.

  6. You make cooking so beautiful and interesting. U don’t say anything but the sound behind is so good ❤️🥰

  7. I love watching you cook. Especially how you cut vegetables. So satisfying. You are really an amazing chef

  8. I find it very soothing, watching chef John Zhang create beautiful dishes! 👍

  9. The respect for the food, the preparation is a delicate art, the result is always mouthwatering. Love this channel! If I could have 2 wishes, 1 would definitely be to enjoy a meal prepared by this great chef

  10. Your food is like watching great art come to life <3 Amazing knife skills and beautiful preparations!

  11. I could watch him cook all day long no talking, no bullshitting just strictly business… chef ever, and his videos are so satisfying.

    1. @Rob Brown
      Hey talented drummer how are you brother ?
      Nice to meet you here hahaha

    1. That is the secret to cook delicious food. I smile when cooking too.
      Smile= love in food.

  12. The ingredients were honored to be prepared and cooked by such a masterful chef.

    1. Hello, did you use fresh noodles directly sauted with the vegetables ? without boiling before ?

  13. It’s an honour to watch you cook, chef. I remain spell bound every time I watch your videos.

  14. I absolutely love chef John. He has this smile as if he actually enjoys cooking ❤️the food looks so yummy too.

  15. just cooked this for my family, and they loved it! Thank you so much for keeping it simple

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