Spicy Halloween Snacks | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some delicious spicy dishes that are ideal for Halloween

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Spicy Halloween Snacks | Gordon

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  1. i would do anything for his kitchen. I cook all the time everything is home made but no damn space to cook and bake and things get stacked or goes in the dinning table. if I had that kitchen I’d never leave it lol

    1. I know exactly what you mean, one of my deepest fantasies is consistent burners, organized drawers, and COUNTER SPACE.

    2. I heard that. I have a kitchen the size of a NY studio apartment kitchen.

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  2. I always learn something new from these vids. Marinating a Steak after cooking, I must try this!

    1. Gordon’s use of miso hits home, but he should warn that many misos are very salty. The light colored miso he uses might have less sodium. I use miso almost daily, especially with smokey chiles and cream as a sauce with Chinese “linguini” (different wheat).

    1. Spicy, like the devil is the direction he was going. If you’re looking for hotdog spiders and grape eyeballs, you’re definitely on the wrong channel. You could say these are super quick and easy recipes to make if you were having a party though.

    2. @Matthew F yeah but if the title is Halloween related we expected something that has pumpkin, cinnamon, or something chocolate since chocolate is Halloween related but not fish cakes 😎👍

  3. I am now becoming your fan. When I tried to cook Indian food I actually search you and learn from your videos. You’re the best ever Chef.

  4. I’m a picky eater but whatever this man made I’d try any day of the week

  5. It would be nice just having all these were random ingredients laying around 🤣

  6. I think someone needs to remind Gordon of what a snack is. And what halloween is.

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