Spatchcocked Roast Chicken & Roquefort Salad | Jamie Cooks Spring | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm

Spring is here, and what much better method for Jamie and Jools to take pleasure in the season than with this fresh springtime salad served with a whole spatchcocked roast chicken. A genuine lunchtime winner! If you've never ever attempted to spatchcock chicken, I assure you it could not be any easier– with one cut down the back you can flatten out your chicken for even roasting, while including any marinades or butter to actually improve the flavour. Intrigued? Keep seeing for a dazzling Roquefort salad with bacon lardons and crispy croutons to couple with your magnificent chicken!

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Spatchcocked Roast Chicken & Roquefort Salad | Jamie Cooks Spring | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm

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  1. Absolutely lovely. Cooking your Soul Mate a lovely lunch. It’s what life’s about Jamie.❤️

  2. After all these years Jools and Jamie are still going strong! I can remember when they were in their 20s!! Nice one. 👍

  3. This is the dream. Having lunch with a spring rain, delicious natural food, and the love of your life.

  4. Delicious salad I love it . I love the way you teach us to be healthy.and I really appreciate your kindness and compassion love Amy

  5. Jamie and Jules are literally Life Goals…..what a journey it’s been from that chocolate cake on the Naked Chef

  6. Looks delectable…The stuffing is very interesting …On Mother’s Day remembering a favourite recipe of roast chicken ..A muslin cloth with whole garammasala spices tied into a bundle and put inside the chicken with some baby potatoes and tomatoes and a vinegar dressing….

  7. @JamieOliver, I’m wishing your wife and mom a happy Mother’s day.
    The recipe looks great and delicious. 😋

  8. Jamie,,your house,your garden,your wonderful cooking with the love of your life😊❤ that is why we all love you🎉🎉 I am going to try this for sure😊

  9. Sooooo good to know my chives are in full bloom. I will be adding them to my salad 😊

  10. That’s awesome Jamie, sharing lunch with your misses. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

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