Recipes To Kick Off 2023 With | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 2 that are best to start the year with design and flavour!

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To Kick Off 2023 With | Part One |

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  1. Another great video Gordon. I appreciate you uploading these because I love what you cook. I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  2. Chef Ramsey is the absolute greatest ever, I have followed all of his cooking tips and Videos and I am so grateful to him because I am a much better cook because of him. So Thank you so much for all your knowledge and help. It was like he was in my kitchen with me step by step. Every one should learn from the greatest Chef in the world.

    1. 🙂Amazing & Scrumptious Sharing!👍Excellent job!🙂carry on!🙂🔔your NEW friend subscriber with big like!👍👍Stay happy, healthy, safe & blessed ever! 🙂Good work!🙂Stay connected! 🙂With best wishes🙂📌HAPPY 2023!🙂💐🕛🌜🎉🎈🎂⛄

  3. There’s a reason why you’re the most popular chef in the world. Has many hit tv shows. He knows what his audience likes.

  4. If both those dishes didn’t make my mouth water! you outdid yourself Mr. Ramsay!

  5. 1st video of 2023 and it’s great 👍🏻 I love the cake simple and delicious thank you chef 🙂

  6. It’s not actually a sponge classic cake, but it is delicious. I make it with nuts and chocolate.

  7. Fan from nepal sir started watching you from really young age may be 12 i wish you would visit nepal once😅🙏❤️

  8. Hola Gordon Ramsay soy tu fan , saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde Teotihuacan México

  9. That looks so delish, chef Ramsay,
    U r simply a Legend! U r the G.O.A.T. Chef!!! 🙂Greetings from El Salvador🇸🇻(Central America)🙂

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