Pearl Barley and Chorizo Soup | Jamie Oliver

If you like , you're going to enjoy this. 's up pearl barley, , smokey chorizo and a whole lotta veggies for this ultimate soothing . It's smoky, it's sweet and it's even quite healthy – you've got to give it a go!

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Pearl Barley and Chorizo Soup |

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    1. What? 🤣

      Kimchi, coleslaw with diced apples, stuffed cabbage, cabbage stew, egg rolls made with cabbage… one of the great cruciferous veges of all time. 👍

    2. @Major Old Lady aka, Mom I know, many people love it but It turns my stomage over when I smell or taste it 🙈

  1. Hi I am Anika. I am from Bangladesh. I know you since 2014-15. I used to watch one of your shows on a TV channel called Fox Traveler or Fox Life. I enjoyed your show. Since then I like your cooking very much and it’s really nice to have you on YouTube I really enjoy watching your videos.

  2. If you can’t find pearl barley. Lentils are a great substitute imo. Idk if it will work but I hope

  3. Süper 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯..

  4. My dad brings leek sausages full of spices from the village, so I’ll certainly try the recipe with those <3.

  5. I love barley and rarely use it in hot foods, not registering fully that it is so easy to cook in soups and stews, not merely for salads or cereals. LOL.

  6. That looks amazing. Love the base with chorizo, is such a flavour bomb. I can see this base for a pasta sauce, like a Spanish influenced bolognese. Also kale is an underrated vegetable. Now I’m hungry!!

  7. Glad to see someone promoting barley,i use tons of it all year round also makes a great swap for cous cous in a summer salad

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