New & Unique Recipes That Work For Christmas | Part Two

Even more dishes that are best for the Christmas duration!

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New & Unique That Work For Christmas | Part Two

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  1. Приветствую вас друзья,мы теперь на ютубе.Каждую пятницу делимся своими уникальными блюдами,которые готовим на природе,на дровах.Ждем всех гурманов 👋

  2. Saudações meus amigos, agora estamos no youtube. Compartilhamos nossos pratos únicos que cozinhamos na natureza, fogo de lenha todas as sextas-feiras. Aguardamos todos os amantes da comida 👋

  3. Saludos amigos, ya estamos en youtube. Les compartimos nuestros platos únicos que cocinamos en la naturaleza, a la leña todos los viernes. Los esperamos a todos los amantes de la comida 👋

  4. You know everything went up is hard for a lot us to eat good like you my friend

  5. To all the people out there who are reading this, merry early christmas.

  6. Gorden: simple recipe
    Also Gorden: *lists 16 spices no normal household would ever have in cabinet*

  7. My dear Gordon Ramsey ♥️
    If I had good health,
    And money haha
    I would love to come and visit one of your cooking sessions.
    Just to see you cook
    And after afcorce eat.
    Ur fabulous my dear
    From a greek friend from usa 63 year old
    6 kids 6 grandchildren
    Have great healthy holidays
    You and family

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