Michael Symon’s Rosemary Bruschetta | Symon Dinner’s Cooking Out | Food Network

Michael uses sprigs of rosemary to brush olive oil on as it toasts on the grill. He rounds off this timeless appetizer with garlic, lemon-dressed arugula and shaved Parmesan!
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Sun's out, grills out! Chef Michael Symon takes in the summer season weather condition and fires up his grill to motivate everybody to get outside with his tasty, simple and crowd-pleasing outdoor dinners. Self-shot from his New York yard, his series lets you cook in addition to Michael as he works live fire to show how basic and enjoyable it is to make remarkable dishes on the outside grill.

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Rosemary Bruschetta
Level: Easy
Overall: 15 min
Active: 15 minutes
Yield: 4 servings


Small bundle fresh rosemary
Extra-virgin olive oil
4 pieces rustic bread, like , 1-inch thick
1 clove garlic, peeled
Enthusiasm of 1/4 lemon
Juice of 1 lemon
Kosher salt and newly ground black pepper
2 cups arugula
Shaved Parmesan, for serving


Set up your grill for indirect heat. If using a charcoal grill, construct the coals on one side just. If using a gas grill, heat one side just.

Tie the bundle of fresh rosemary together using butcher's twine. Pour 1/4 cup of olive oil into a little dish for basting. Utilizing the rosemary package as a pastry brush, dip in the olive oil and brush the bread on both sides. Place the bread slices on the direct heat side of the grill to char on both sides, about 1 minute per side.

Once both sides of the bread are charred, move the bread to the indirect heat side of the grill, position the rosemary package in between the bread slices, close the lid of the grill and cook up until the bread is more crispy and golden brown on the outdoors, but still soft and chewy on the inside, 3 to 5 more minutes. Get rid of the bread slices from the grill and, while still warm, rub the whole surface area with the garlic clove.

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the lemon enthusiasm and lemon juice to a little blending bowl and mix to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Dress the arugula with the olive oil dressing. Leading the grilled bread pieces with the arugula. Utilizing a vegetable peeler, shave Parmesan over the top. Cut into rustic pieces, sprinkle with some charred rosemary leaves and serve.

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Michael Symon's Rosemary Bruschetta|Symon Dinner's Cooking Out|Food Network

Michael Symon's Rosemary Bruschetta | Symon Dinner's Cooking Out | Food Network

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  1. at a buffet, i personally sneak corndogs into the buffet so others can enjoy them. I hide 6 corndogs in my jacket pockets. it then, is a joy for me to see other patrons of the establishment eat my corndogs thinking they were part of the buffet.

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  4. First time i even ordered Brushetta, i had no idea what i was ordering. I was vaguely disappointed, simply because i didn’t know what to expect. Now that i know what it is, i can enjoy it for what it is. A simple appetizer that isn’t too filling, but can be very tasty. Nothing wrong with simple, i think sometimes food gets over complicated. A lot of time simple flavors prepared well, is the best food you can get.

    Or to say it another way, complicated is easy, simple is hard. Because simple has less margin for error, and the chef needs to get everything right to make a simple dish perfect.

  5. Nice job. When I make a rosemary brush, I flat side chef knife crush the end of the brush before the oil.

    1. @jan may take a chef’s knife lay it flat on the end of the Rosemary brush smash it with your hand this bruises the final three inches of the brush then soak it in oil it absorbs more oil and gives off more Rosemary flavor

  6. Okay I like this guy even when one of his bread fell on the floor he shook it off like it was nothing and he got on the task at hand I like stuff

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