How To Dice An Onion #Shorts

demonstrates dice an onion

#gordonramsay # #Shorts

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Dice An Onion #Shorts

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  1. Thank you Gordon Ramsay to had help me for the dish for tonight.

    1. Just buy an IKEA sharpener and use it every now and then, it’ll be enough I promise

  2. Show me how to prepare, part and cook some lamb! Gordon is the best, always has been always will be!

  3. And if i tried to cut onion like this my fingers are often slip around the oinion and at the end the whole onion is falling apart

  4. Gordon,
    I have always felt it way more easy to do the horizontal cuts first, however all chefs explain it this way. Have you ever tried it the other way?

  5. Oh now I know the reason why I always cry and my mom doesn’t while cutting onions

  6. The way I cut onions would scare even you, Gordon 🤣 thanks for this lesson!

  7. Alternate title: How TikTok is ruining the rest of social media

  8. Speaking of bleeding, I was always taught not to cut towards myself

  9. You can get a much finer chop if you just put the onions in a bag with two sticks of cinnamon and shake it

  10. “Don’t cut the root” proceeds to cut the root all the way in half

  11. Bruh ive been cutting onions wrong for years my eyes always hurt like hell😂

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