Guy Fieri Eats Portuguese Kale Soup | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

Dana's Kitchen is run by a couple group in , where Man is wowed by their Portuguese kale soup!
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Person Fieri takes a cross-country journey to visit a few of America's timeless "greasy spoon" dining establishments– restaurants, and dives– that have actually been doing it right for years. Capture a new episode of # every Friday at 9|8c!

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Person Fieri Consumes Portuguese Kale Soup|Diners, and Dives|Food Network

Guy Fieri Eats Portuguese Kale Soup | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

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  1. So early today. I like your choice of ingredients for the kale soup and how it turned out. Happy weekend to everyone

  2. I would love it if the soup would be made with something else except Kale. there are some people who cannot digest Kale, Like me! I’ll just use it as a decoration on platers.

    1. I make this soup and my husband loved it but said it would taste better without kale. I laughed my butt off

    2. You can substitute cabbage for Kale, if Cabbage isn’t a problem as well (It’s related)
      If Cabbage doesn’t work, Spinach or Arugula are good too. Spinach for a more mild soup, Arugula for a similar peppery kick like the Kale.

  3. My brother lives in Falmouth. Have been here numerous times never disappoints!! 🥰

  4. I’ll have that soup and I will also go to she sounded very very good food

  5. Soup looks good for sure BUT the crab sandwich seems like the best thing here…love to see that being made cause it’s truly a East Coast dish & really special when done right

  6. @discoveryplus can you quit making the ending title card music so loud since the rest of it is so quiet?

  7. Chicken stock? Beans? Not your authentic Portuguese kale soup, a.k.a Caldo Verde

  8. I am Portuguese myself but not a bunch I’m only 8.2% energy in Portuguese

  9. Dude you cut out the best part making the crab sandwich, a bit unsatisfying, good episode though!

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