Guy Fieri Eats Fish and Chips at Stoney’s British Pub | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

finds out how to make authentic fish and chips at Stoney's Pub in , Delaware!
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Man Eats Fish and Chips at Stoney's British Bar|Restaurants, Drive-Ins and Dives|Food Network

Guy Fieri Eats Fish and Chips at Stoney's British Pub | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

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  1. I do it backwards I put it first in the wet flour and then dry flour, i put lemon instead of vinegar

  2. can’t lie, the tartar sauce is nothing like in the uk, the batter normally has beer, and the chips are normally triple cooked (streamed, fried twice)

  3. What the great show for fish and chips in the UK in Delaware! That’s a #DDD place! 🇬🇧🐟🍟

  4. Nothing wrong with fish and chips with a crunchy chip. It’s just not what British fish and chop shops do, so claim it as something else. We do have crunchy chips/fries depending on the meal, or at least we do now, but British fish ‘n’ chips entails a soft almost soggy chip. Possibly with some welcome crunchy scraps in there. Additionally many would contend fish and chips can only be cooked in tallow, but frankly the number of fish and chip shops actually using tallow is minimal (delicious though it might be)

  5. *1:54:12** Let’s only take a moment to appreciate how many hours and work was placed into the vids!?*
    *It’s fabulous, and I think they justify a lot more than that* 🙃

  6. Guy clearly wasn’t crazy about it (which isn’t to say he didn’t like it), but he still was very polite and certainly decent.

  7. I love fish n chips but dude’s right, it’s hard to find good fish n chips in America.

  8. I love how picky and obstinate Brits are about the ‘rightness’ of their own cuisine abroad, but if you’ve ever been to the UK (or watched BBC cooking shows) you know how bad their interpretations are of other cuisine, ESPECIALLY Mexican food.

  9. Come on Tartar sauce dates back to pre-roman age. But am sorry “fish” witch in my region, was the best, Haddock! And unless going “posh” sit down, you never got Tartar sauce and a wedge lemon.

    In the fish philistine region is would be Cod, chips with, mushy peas, beans or curry.

    But what I never get with Americans:


    It’s not a thing in the UK, its just wrong!

    it was originally cheap working class food.

    Vitamins, what are Vitamins!

  10. Man! I wish this was a longer episode and Guy explored more items on the menu.

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