Gordon Ramsay Severely Disappointed with BBQ | Kitchen Nightmares

gos to Michon's, where the American-style barbeque dissatisfies.

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Severely Disappointed with BBQ |

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  1. Saludos mis queridos amigos, estamos aquí ahora. Todos los viernes, compartimos nuestras maravillosas comidas que cocinamos en la naturaleza, en fuego de leña. Esperamos a todos los amantes de la comida 👋

  2. Honestly I could have cried after seeing the quality of the ovens and what they could produce compared to the crap being served..

    1. Me too. Currently using a single hob and a microwave but I still manage to make better food than these so-called professionals were charging money for. And I do manage to peel potatoes lol

  3. Michon’s closed in August 2013 when Al’s health continued to decline.

    Reviews prior to the closure of the restaurant were mostly negative, highlighting poor service, a long wait and poor food, small portions and the restaurant running out of menu items.

    1. That is super sad. I hope the owner didn’t go too much into debt. Being sick isn’t cheap, so the last thing you need, is a restaurant eating up your savings.

  4. Absolutely amazing video thanks Cheers 🇳🇵🇳🇵✌️✌️👌👌❤️❤️👍👍

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