Gordon Is Served Apple Juice Risotto! | Hotel Hell

is bewildered by a restaurant owner who's afraid of confrontation.

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Gordon Is Served Apple Juice Risotto! |

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  1. The first time I don’t get paid I leave. These guys are stupid for keeping it alive. The owner needs a lesson in a failed business.

    1. @Autumn “Breezes” Lazzu free rent doesn’t pay for food etc and it’s technically their “job” so it’s not like they can go work somewhere else

    2. @Autumn “Breezes” Lazzu Getting to stay in a shitty hotel room with shitty food is not even close to replacing a paycheck.

    3. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if most of those employees were robbing him blind. As in, literally stealing money from him

  2. I don’t think Gordon was genuinely surprised upon hearing that the inn is not part of the Four Seasons. The very thought is ridiculous.

  3. Ight yeah this hotel was rough but did a women just go to a dog friendly inn and complain about barking? 💀

    1. @TVCH LORD They could have written a less unreasonable complaint for her…

    2. @Pirate Johnson You’ve never worked retail. A complaint like that is par for the course.

  4. I love seeing the happy faces of a new and improved owner of a flourishing business

  5. We’ve stayed at the Murphy hotel in a room like Gordon’s. It was awful. The noise level was incredible.This was for our 5th anniversary and we complained several times about the noise. We had one of the outer rooms. We had a leaky sink, moldy shower, cold water, and some green carpet that resembled Astro turf. We chose this area for its quaint town but that’s only during the day. We ended up eating Italian food that was close by because my head was pounding and left well before checkout. I’m wondering when this episode was done but I believe we still spent $200 and this was 25 years ago. Don’t think I can give them a second chance.

    1. They are talking about Obama being the president and looking at the cars and styling. This was probably during his first 4 years. So 2008-2012 (11-15 years ago, not 25).

  6. I’d like to see Gordon go back to see how its doing! I So hope it is doing well!!! ❤

  7. I do appreciate, in a way, that it’s noted that it’s only this busy because Gordon’s in town. Like at least it states that the kitchen are not used to any type of busy service. Buy holy moly, good luck to the staff.

  8. GR does great things for people, and we need more off that. After bingeing, I come away thinking how many owners with $M’s properties don’t know what they are doing, or don’t care. Hell, they could watch the series, and learn how to do it right if they would put in the required innovation, money, and effort. Most I think settle with ‘good enough,’ instead of ‘It could be much better,’ and doing the work it takes to make that happen.

  9. sandy is one of the most genuine, and nice, people thats ever been on hotel hell, when its fixed he has such a turn around.


  11. normally, there’s some kind of issue with the people, but in this case, the guy just didn’t know what to do. I can’t think of a group more deserving of Gordon Ramsay’s attention and the chance they were given. I hope it all turned out well. It’s really nice to see people who deserve good things actually get them. A lot of justice was done in this episode.

    1. Totally agreed. The way I know the owner was sincere too was when he – ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE – gave salaries to the staff.

      Plus, a tiny detail is that he dressed up and shaved and everything for when Gordon revealed the makeover. Tiny detail but it shows he cares.

  12. I feel bad for that chef. You can tell he really wants to have the freedom to make the meals he wants. He has the passion he just needs the freedom

  13. The pain of the chef is magnified when you realize Steve’s failed in front of one of the best of the field. It’s taking your primary skill in life and showcasing it in a way that makes your main talent look like total garbage. Absolutely crushing.

    Mad Respect to you Steve

  14. Gordon’s “I feel sorry for all of them” is edited into each hotel hell episode 😂

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