Feta Filo Turnovers | Jamie’s 5 Ingredient Meals | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm #shorts

Just 5 ingredients can deliver big on flavour, like my scrumptious Feta filo turnovers! The runny honey and pistachio sprinkle make this dish an outright joy to eat!

Examine it out on my new TV series, 's 5 Active ingredient Meals, gave you by Tesco, on Mondays, 8pm, Channel 4.

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Feta Filo Turnovers | 's 5 Ingredient Meals | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm #

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  1. The Mediterranean wants a word Jamie, it’s like a Byrek and Baclava mash up! I’m sure that tastes wicked but my missus would whack me if I tried to serve her that 😂

  2. What can be used as an equivalent to fresh Marjoram as it’s proving difficult to find?

  3. Hot, steaming, water, always does the trick, in any situation imaginable. -Brittney Lee Hill Collier, Saturday, October, 28th, 2023. 7:45 p.m

  4. Thank you for saying that he your best mate, which makes me feel at Relief😊💖💝

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