Everything You Need to Know About Collard Greens | Food Network

ought to be a staple green in your cooking area! will reveal you how to stew them, saute them and turn them into a .
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Everything You Need to Learn About |Food Network

Everything You Need to Know About Collard Greens | Food Network

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  1. I’am doing this JJ Johnson on my channel 🙏👍🏽🥰🍋🍋

  2. I had to laugh at the 4 hours cook time 😂 My Grandparents had a garden and collards we’re one of the veggies grown in it.
    I have cooked collards on the stove and a crockpot. I haven’t used pork in mine in years. I’ve been using smoked turkey legs or wings. The wings I will break in half at the joint and put them in whatever I’m using to cook them in.
    If I use turkey legs I will boil them with onions and garlic until the meat is coming off of the bone. Once cooled I pick the meat, discard all of the bones then add the collards and let them cook low & slow.

  3. Throw some quality mushrooms in there too….why not? Add alittle truffle oil…..

  4. I can’t trust nobody teaching how to cook southern food if they don’t have a southern accent…..lol

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  6. Give me some crystal hot sauce, or some pepper vinegar, and I’ll have that whole bowl of stewed greens gone in no time!

  7. It would have been nice to know why you don’t need to cook for hours

  8. Like this alot! The only thing is he actually put that piece of green in his mouth before washing it. I have found small bugs crawling all on fresh produce – gotta be careful.

  9. Anybody know what that second thing between the garlic and the onions he put in the stewed greens was.

  10. I’m not going to cook them for four hours but I am going to cook them longer than 45 minutes.

  11. Thanks Chef, that was very informative. Here in Oz we see and hear of it all the time in US based cooking shows but there is no such thing here. The way you used it is similar to how we would treat “silver beet” or you may know it as “Swiss chard” except that is not a cabbage in appearance or probably biologically. Thanks, once again.

  12. I moved to Tennessee from Hawaii and didn’t know a thing about greens. I fell in love with them and stew them but i like the sautéed and chopped salad approaches. Thanks for that!

  13. Imagine how healthy your stools would be if you ate a bowl of collard greens every day.

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