Dessert Megamix | Jamie Oliver

Sweet treats make us delighted and this collection of warming puds are some of our absolute favourites to provide on a cosy afternoon. It's the perfect possibility to formulate something unique for your Mum this Mom's Day!

00:00 Sticky Toffee Pudding
8:18 Crumble 3 Ways
13:50 Buddy's Flapjacks
18:05 Rhubarb & Custard Pie
26:08 Rapid Steamed Pudding Pots

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Dessert Megamix | Jamie

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  1. I’ve been really sick with COVID the only thing that got me threw was watching Jamie Oliver

  2. The first recipe reminded me of my grandma’s (my Name) would make a persimmon pudding (basically a Bundt cake with hard lemon sauce. I always wondered why it was called pudding.

  3. Κ.jamie σας παρακολουθω και σας θαυμαζω, συγχαρητηρια

  4. well, blimey, cant make great make toffee pudding, because i just cant have great dates, thanks tinder!

  5. They all look absolutely amazing- thank you Jamie. Love the mega mix videos by the way.

  6. Seeing Jamie’s mum is such a treat!! She created a man we all love (Sorry Julz)

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