Corner Shop Curry | Jamie Oliver

Jamie's providing Britain's old favourite – A curry … but with a twist. No requirement to hunt for hard ingredients, this curry can be made from active ingredients you'll discover in a standard corner store. It could not be much easier and it's best for an eleventh hour dinner strategy.

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Corner Shop Curry | Jamie

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  1. Magnifique recette ,j’apprécie énormément votre cuisine. Merci du partage. ❤👍✨🌹

  2. Simple and delicious. That’s my kind of recipe. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Australia 🦘

  3. I feel like I need a few hours with Jamie to show him an akni or a malay tomato bredie.

  4. Do you know what’s great in Curry, Stir Fry or even Traditional Soups? Cashew Nuts! Just throw them in at the end of frying your chicken or on their own, all they need is a couple of minutes until they start to turn light brown, they are one of those ingredients that absorb the flavour of the dish!
    Full of protein and healthy minerals, great for vegetable based dishes and a great way to beef up your dish for extra texture and presentation! Also cheap!

    PS No I don’t sell Cashew Nuts! 😂

  5. Simple, quick, and so delish! Jamie’s eyes look teary after that onion grating though!

  6. Best cook on earth. Love you, Jamie. Going to make this with some stewing beef!

  7. I’ve always loved Jamie Oliver. Not pretentious and not a tosser. His recipes and the way he explains everything means he is accessible and relevant to mere mortals.

  8. I love to you talk about all the options! I’ll be making mine vegan 🌱 your sauce recipe is perfect 🤩

  9. Already made curry, by one of the Jamie’s recipes from the book, amazing 😻

  10. Bonjour chef super recette Ça l’air très bon. Votre vidéo est très intéressante Merci🙂👌👍👍👍🙏

  11. Tried this. And it was nice. I did substitute the coconut milk for shredded coconut. Used sugar free mamarlade. . Very nice.

  12. i tried it and it is as delicious as it looks. It was amazing and joy and just great recept.Thank you

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