Christmas Party Food | Jamie’s Family Christmas

season is upon us and Jamie has all you need to serve up some simple, prep ahead and delicious dishes for your family and friends. From wintery squash to scrumptious imaginative canapés. Delighted at !

0:25 Chicken Liver Celebration Parfait
4:44 Winter Season Celebration Squash
8:15 DIY Party Combos

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Christmas Party | Jamie's Family Christmas

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  1. Merry Christmas for you and your family, thanks for taugth me that food is just Love❤

  2. this video feels like a fever dream, would not have guessed it’s christmas themed

  3. I need my Jamie fix. I have Jamie on my TV “Naked Chef” on presently and this on my phone. I wish I could tape Jamie’s T.V. channel episodes and keep them in order. And I would like to tape the Youtube episodes too. I need to sleep too!

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