Budget Christmas: Day 6 | Walnut Whip Affogato | #shorts

This could not be much easier but it is so scrumptious and a twist on one of my favourite desserts with minimal active ingredients. For the complete dish head to my site –

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    1. The 12 Days of Christmas don’t actually start until Christmas itself. He’s right on time.

    2. Actually this content can be found in Jamie Quick and Easy Recipes from the Channel 4 website or you can pick up Jamie’s 5 Ingredients cookbook.

  1. I’ll have to make “Nice Cream” and top with Cocoa and the Walnuts as I’m giving up sugar. We’ll see how long I can last!

  2. Walnut whip omg yes please. Thank you for all the videos in 2022 . I’m so looking forward to seeing the new ones in 2023. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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