Ali and Jet Tila’s Small-Batch Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches | Food Network

Prepare along with as they combine their 2 favorite desserts into chocolate chip cookie sandwiches featuring brown butter and a chocolate shell!
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Ali and 's Small-Batch Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches|Food Network

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  1. While i have said for years i want to be adopted by Gordon Ramsey. But i want to be Jet Tila’s brother from another mother! Hell, i’d love to just hang out and chat with Jet. Maybe drink a beer or three.

    I know that neither of these things is ever going to happen, but a guy can dream! ^-^

  2. Whoah! Brown butter, bam a lam!
    Whoah! Brown butter bam a lam!
    Butter had a child… Bam a lam!
    The brown things gone wild! -Ram Jam

  3. It looks good I won’t be able to make it that often because my doctor told me to watch my sugar and carbs am I’m a high school senior and my name is Ella today was our senior pep rally at school there was a senior skit and there were boys really wearing women’s cheerleading uniforms.

  4. @™Holistic Cannibis/Marijuna chocolate gateau™®©&mixed fruits Density®also smooth™®[{01758^°st.lucia)Annie Edson Tylor™®©%[{masion lpac}]™®

  5. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are two of my favorites but combine them together, plus a chocolate coating on top of that?! You two out did yourselves. Sent me straight to my happy place! 😍🤤

  6. Hi, Jet, Ali, & Food Network! Two quick things – both good. First, watching Jet and Ali cook together is absolutely FUN! They make it easy and relatable. Second, they WANT the viewers to cook along with them! This is a phenomenal idea that seems to have been lost along the way! It’s probably why I love watching Jet & Ali when they cook because they are teaching home cooks like me their techniques!

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