2 Perfect After School Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

With school starting up again, here are two delicious that you can prepare for .

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2 Perfect After School |

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  1. You can tell Gordons such a great dad. You can tell he’s a person who’s experienced alot of tough cycles in his life but found an outlet. But he’s also learned to keep a stern exterior .

  2. Yo quisiera una máster clases con Gordon imagino cocinar a su lado ha de ser lo mejor

  3. Always so good thank you for all these delicious recipes 👍🔥

  4. Delicious! Fresh and hearty – perfect meals after a long day 👍Nice!

  5. I know what ingredients I am picking up at the grocery store today. That chicken and chickpeas looks amazing. I can’t wait to make it today.

  6. I love the interaction that he has with his children, he’s a great dad.

  7. I’m going to make this with my daughter now as well. Gordon is a great dad, a great human, and a great inspiration.

  8. This just melted my heart ❤️ the recipes alone look amazing and I’m looking forward to trying them , seeing his daughters genuinely enjoying their dads food was the cutest . I watched Tilly on Strictly last year , she’s a gorgeous girl inside and out xx

  9. Wow that looks so so delicious. Love to watch chef and his beautiful daughter cook thanks for sharing one of your amazing recipes

  10. You can tell he takes great pride in teaching his kids. Incredibly wholesome ❤️

  11. Es increíblemente hermoso cocinar con tus hijos 👏👏👏hermosa familia

  12. Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

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  13. It’s amazing to see Gordon teaching the best of the best of his knowledges of cooking to his kids.
    Respect to that guy.

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  14. I love the relationship Gordon has with each of his children. Such a gentle, easy and informative father. Both Gordon and his beautiful wife have raised such a beautiful family.

    1. Thanks for watching☝️Get-in-touch on whats ‘App for Further Discussions on Financial Planning,

  15. Tilly is hilarious with all the extra tastes she squeezes in. Love that he trusts his daughter with that pear tart carrying it to the table. She looked nervous grabbing that one.

  16. Gordon, I hope you read all of these great comments as they mostly revolve around the same theme..❤️
    You are such an inspiration to those of us who want to cook great meals for our families but, more importantly, we love how you love your family so well ❤️. The relationship you have with your kids is priceless and captivating to watch. Thank you for making such a positive impact in the world ❤️. You are loved😊❤️

  17. I love how you have your children get involved with the cooking and know their spices and smells. I wish that I had that growing up. My grams taught me how to cook with little to no money and we had some great meals. These recipes look absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

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