Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Shrimp | Martha’s Cooking School S2E13 “Shrimp”

In this episode, Martha uses a guide on a favorite shellfish. She discusses which ranges of shrimp to buy and how to keep them, plus whether to prepare them with or without the shell and how to devein them. Fundamental techniques lead to scrumptious dishes for shrimp mixed drink, an upgraded version of shrimp scampi, a traditional shrimp boil and easy .

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0:00 Introduction
0:42 Glossary
5:17 Shrimp Mixed drink
9:25 Grilled Shrimp
13:33 Shrimp Scampi
18:55 Shrimp Boil

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Shrimp|Martha's Cooking School S2E13 Shrimp

Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Shrimp | Martha's Cooking School S2E13 "Shrimp"

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  1. Love the way you teach us. Please please do a casserole episode as well. Thanks 🙏🏾

  2. I absolutely hate eating shrimp with tails on. At a party it leaves you carrying around shrimp tails while talking to people. At dinner you have scraps piling up on the table. Hate it lol

  3. *@Martha, I never get tired of watching your videos. You are an absolute perfectionist in the kitchen.*

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