Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs – Oven or Grill – Baby Back Bbq Ribs


reveals her easy, never-fail for simply as good in the oven or on the grill. Her detailed video for tender infant back never ever stops working – make them in the oven or on the grill.




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Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs – Oven or Grill – Baby Back

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  1. My husband and I now make these ribs every weekend. So easy and so delicious! Thank you Jenny!!

  2. I followed your recipe for a baby shower and they argued me up and down that I bought them and just put them in a different pan 😂😂😂 thanks Jenny

    1. ByeWig
      lol. I’m glad they came out great for you. 🙂 Even though it’s not my video

  3. I’ve made these three times in a span of 2 weeks! Everyone loves them so much! This definitely is going in my recipe book!

    1. @Neil wat is boil om a oven?
      N if a oven don’t got a boil sign. Eat must I do

    2. Can u be kind n list out the ingredients n the measurements n over temoerture n oven time for me please in writing. I’m deaf but I want to try it but I didn’t hear Wat she was saying . Thx

    3. sugar plum there is a link on the db where you can find all the measurements

    4. But what was your recipes in the cup I’m asking for the mixtures please?

    5. Was the ribs sweet without sauce? I’m afraid of putting on a sweet bbq sauce and the become too sweet.

  4. I tried this recipe and it was so good! My rub came out a little darker, I used her rub, and my baby back ribs were smaller, but oh my goodness this was so amazing! Loved it!

  5. Really great recipe. I’ve made a modified version of this several times with great results. I use a store-bought local dry rub and sauce and I add a little liquid smoke at the start. Quarantine special!

  6. These ribs are amazing! They come out so tender, they went down an absolute treat.

  7. Made these and my whole family loves them. Thank you Jenny for sharing this great recipe.my new favorite go to rib Happy in Ohio!

  8. For anyone that is wondering…I’ve made these a few times and always so good. Thanks Jenny!!! It’s a hit!!!

    1. I was wondering if anyone has used ‘smoked paprika’ instead of the sweet, to maybe give it more of a smoky flavor since you’re not putting them on the grill. Oh, and did you cut your ribs ahead of time, like in the video? I’ve never seen that before. Thank you!

    2. Smoked paprika sounds good but its really strong try doing 1 tsp of each. I just made these. I didnt cut them individually. I just cut the rack in half to fit my cookie sheet. Watch ur oven mine were done about 20 mins earlier at 300. Im so glad i checked them the foil was starting to burn

    3. @A A Thanks for the reply. One more question….I have seen other recipes where the ribs were cooked in the oven, but they weren’t wrapped in foil. Have you ever done that? I guess I’m going to have to experiment and try it both ways to know the difference for myself.

  9. I’ve been using your recipe for years now. A lot of others have copied yours putting their own spin on it but none can compare. Your ribs are amazing.

  10. First time i’m trying to cook ribs, I followed every step…. best ribs I had in my life and also cooked by me, very proud of myself. Thank you for recipe

  11. I love how you explain everything so nice and clearly. Your recipes are really great

  12. Watched this 2 yrs ago and it’s still my go to for ribs! Perfect cook every time! Thanks Jenny! ❤️

  13. I made these ribs following your recipe. They were absolutely fantastic! The only bad thing was that they were so much better than my ribs on a smoker. Take a bow Jenny! Great recipe.

  14. I have made her ribs 3-4 times now and they come out soooooo good! Off the bone ribs! They’re amazing. And I JUST realized this is Jenny Jones…she used to have a talk show in the 90s.

  15. Just made this recipe today and, OMG! It was delicious! Simple ingredients, yet the outcome is delicious. Better than any ribs at restaurants. This will definitely be my go to rib recipe! Thanks Jenny!

  16. Making these tomorrow will follow up! Up date…After following this recipe I’m happy to say my ribs came out better than ever, truly amazing they were non stop the talk of the day. Thank you for your recipe I’m a happy camper:-) Another Update: Made these ribs again for a dinner party, I have made them several times already & feel I have mastered this & it is so easy to do & they are crazy good! Yummmy

  17. I love how you cook with health awareness, while still able to keep it taste fabulous. Great job!

  18. Just made this and it’s soooo good! Thank you 💕💕💕💕 I didn’t have paprika or chilli powder so I used chipotle powder. And used Lawrys bbq sauce. Delicious!!! I can’t wait to have all the ingredients and try it to the T

  19. Absolutely love this recipe! Made it for Christmas and it was THE BEST!! Also I used beef and it was perfect. And NOW I’m doing this with chicken because I’m CONVINCED I’m never using my charcoal grill again 🤣🤣 maybe hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids but that’s it! Thank you Jenny

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