Veggie Noodle Stir Fry | Jamie Oliver

This is my crisp and crispy vegetable noodle stir fry, an outright winner on weeknight or weekend as a alternative to that takeaway! I have actually merely thrown up a load of delicious fresh components, such as crispy veg, velvety cashews, warming ginger, zingy lime and wholewheat , all topped off with a remarkable fried egg! With a much little swap in there also this truly is a fantastic dish, try!

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Noodle Stir Fry | Jamie Oliver

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  1. Моє натхнення кухня Джеймі Олівера! Я не супер кухар, але готувати і вигадувати рецепти дуже люблю. Дякую за мистецтво!

  2. How are those broccolis not rock hard after stir frying them raw for only like a minute?

  3. just what the doctor ordered…thank you M.C. oliver.
    blessings, health, strength, guidance and protection.

  4. I’m doing a bold guess that “some oil” comes from olives which does not complement the asian flavour profile going on
    Also don’t constantly move your vegetables around or they can’t get browning and will just get cooked. Sauce and watery noodles went in way too early, after that they have no chance to caramellize unless you add another 5 minutes on super high heat (not recommended). End result loooked soggy and mushy, no caramellization of soy sauce or veg at all
    ps: I know you want to sell more pans but stop telling people to use metal on nonstick

  5. I’m vegetarian. Thank you for showing more vegetarian recipes on your channel. I will need to make this one day. Kudos!

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