Rick Martínez’s Flour Tortillas | Introduction to Mexican Cooking | Food Network

Rick makes scrumptious flour tortillas utilizing duck fat and a cast iron frying pan for maximum taste and texture!
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Flour Tortillas
Level: Intermediate
Overall: 2 hr (includes resting time).
Active: 1 hr.
Yield: 16 tortillas.


1 cup plus 2 tablespoons milk.
1/3 cup rendered lard, duck fat, veggie reducing or unsalted butter.
3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting.
2 teaspoons baking powder.
1 3/4 teaspoons kosher salt.


Heat the milk in a little saucepan over medium heat till small bubbles start to form around the edges of the pan (the milk must be 180 degrees F), 4 to 5 minutes. Immediately get rid of from the heat and stir in the lard up until melted. Let cool for 15 minutes.

On the other hand, blend the flour, baking powder and salt in a big bowl until totally integrated. Gather the warm milk mixture and stir with a rubber spatula up until a shaggy dough forms.

When cool enough to deal with, knead the dough in the bowl up until almost totally smooth, about 3 minutes; do not overwork, the dough should be soft and just somewhat elastic and not sticky. Wrap in plastic and let rest at space temperature for 1 hour to relax dough.

Divide the dough into 16 balls about a scant 3 tablespoons each (or 46g.). Arrange the balls on a rimmed baking sheet and cover with a wet area towel up until prepared to utilize.

Dealing with one dough ball at a time, present on a gently floured surface area to a 7-inch round.

Heat a medium cast-iron skillet or large griddle over medium-high heat.

Dealing with one at a time (unless utilizing a big frying pan), cook the tortillas, decreasing the heat if they are getting dark too rapidly, up until air bubbles form on the surface area and the bottom is brown in spots, about 30 seconds. Poke any big bubbles with a fork to release steam, turn the tortillas and cook until brown in spots on the other side, about 30 seconds. Stack and wrap the tortillas in a tidy kitchen area towel and keep warm. Repeat rolling and the remaining dough balls.

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Rick Martínez's Flour Tortillas|Intro to Cooking|Food Network.

Rick Martínez's Flour Tortillas | Introduction to Cooking | Food Network

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  1. Look very delicious 🤤 😋 I love homemade tortillas 🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓🫓

  2. I check out all recipes that I find for tortillas. Thanks for sharing your recipe and techniques.👍

  3. Mmm looks delicious that tortitas! Like it friend! 🦇

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe technique. Really well done, and you made it look fairly easy. 🧡

  5. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidem donde quiera que cenilbalapp.Monster encantan tus videos.

  6. Love Rick! Haven’t watched bon appetit since the “incident” so I’m glad I have somewhere else to see his stuff.

    1. Rick was at Food 52 for over a year after “the Incident” Lots of vids for you catch up on with him there.

  7. I actually looked up tortilla recipes today, because the prices are insane at the moment for store bought. I have a lot of duck fat, so this is perfect!

  8. I’d rather have flour tortillas than bread. I love them!

  9. I found jarred Duck Fat earlier this year at Walmart but my local store didn’t have it any longer when I looked for it in June. I have cooked with beef tallow, $13, also available at Walmart. I’m guessing it’ll work in the place of duck fat.

  10. My Abulita kept a kitchen towel right by her wood stove just to push the tortillas down with. There were 14 kids in their family. 2 died real young from crib death and my Uncle Daniel died from cancer when he was an older man.

  11. I’ve never tried making tortillas with milk, will have to give a try. Love your shirt!

  12. So glad to see #rickmartinez continuing to use his gifts to bless us!

  13. If you wanted to use water, would you use the same volume as you did milk?

  14. I have this recipe from that other cooking show or maybe FB. Anyway, the BEST tortillas ever. The recipe I have calls for some bacon grease.

  15. Just picked up a container of duck fat. The d’artagnan brand is becoming more and more wide spread at local grocery stores and it is one of their common products. My store keeps it by the meat/ butcher case.

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