Prep School with Alex Guarnaschelli: Eggs Five Ways | Alex vs. America | Food Network

simply got a great deal much better with Alex's techniques for perfectly cooked eggs!
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Brave and talented chefs try to remove Alex Guarnaschelli, the most feared and achieved competition in America. Chef Alex takes on 3 chefs in 2 rounds of cooking, and anybody– even Alex– can be sent out house after a blind tasting by the judges. Each chef comes from a different state, however they all share the exact same culinary specialized and drive to beat Alex for ultimate bragging rights and $15,000.

Invite to , where finding out to is as basic as clicking play! Get your apron and get ready to get cookin' with a few of the best chefs around the globe. We'll provide you a behind-the-scenes take a look at our best shows, take you inside our favorite and be your resource in the cooking area to ensure every meal is a 10/10!

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Preparation School with Alex Guarnaschelli: Eggs 5 Ways|Alex vs. America|Food Network

Prep School with Alex Guarnaschelli: Eggs Five Ways | Alex vs. America | Food Network

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  1. Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  2. Sunny side is better than scrambled but cantonese eggs are the real move. 😋

  3. I am curious. I never see chefs when cooking a fried egg, cook the yolk so it’s no longer runny. I love my fried eggs with the yolks cooked. I would love to see it demonstrated.

    1. @Sally
      Thank you! I have prepared it frequently, and of course, when I go to restaurants they prepare it as ordered. I have seen several chefs demonstrate the perfect egg, but none of them cook the yolk well done/hard.

    2. I though she would flip over the fried egg as to cook the yolk. She cooked a sunny side up.

    3. @C. Moore Butts
      Thank you! As mentioned, I prepare them all the time. You may have noticed the chef addressed boiled eggs with a soft and hard yolk. It’s never done with fried eggs, they only present the runny yolk, and I’m curious why don’t they ever show a fried egg with a cooked yolk? Again, I would love to see it demonstrated.

    4. @kyereCat
      Yes! I have watched several chefs demonstrate cooking the perfect eggs, but I have never seen one demonstrate a fried egg with the yolk cooked, it’s always runny when they plate it. I’m curious why they only present it with a runny yolk.

  4. Alex coming in with the win. Exactly 11 mins for perfect hard boil that’s not dry.

  5. Never heard of using water to help fry eggs.. the European way of frying eggs is to have a lot of oil in the pan, and baste them with a spoon to get that nice top layer crispy fried …delicious! 🤤

    1. I grew up in Europe, and we never did that with our eggs. As an adult living in the US, I frequently do, but not always. It depends ,more on what I’m in the mood for.There are all kinds off ways to cook an egg, and most of them are delicious.

  6. the first one was just a30 sec over. but still very nice. no2 was too long, but still nice. BUT THE POACHED WAS A MASTERPIECE.

  7. Is the hard boiled egg demonstrated, the right style for hard boiled eggs in potato salad?

  8. As a young boy, my grandmother asked me how I liked my boiled eggs. I responded that I want them almost hard but not runny. She used camp coffee pot to boil eggs. I don’t know how she did it. But she never missed. It was wonderful.

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